FAQ for New Admissions

Which board is AMAN SETU School affiliated to?

The school is in the process of getting affiliation with ICSE.
Until we get this affiliation we are a SSC school.
However students are using a mixed curriculum till Std 8 and can appear easily for any board exam.

What is the curriculum followed and what methods do you use?

We follow a creative curriculum, which is a product of 30 years of research by the team at Madhavi Kapur Foundation. Innovative techniques and methods are used to teach children. They are not burdened with rote learning and textual knowledge. We also have created our own textbooks and workbooks for children.

What are the school TIMINGS?

SCHOOL TIMINGS ARE: 8:30am TO 2:30pm

  • Nursery and Junior Kg have class till 12:30pm after which they have their lunch and nap time.
  • All children leave school at 2:30pm
  • Primary and Secondary School Timings are from 8:30am to 2:30pm

Does School provide UNIFORMS?

Uniforms can be bought in standard sizes at the following outlet only:

    Silver Nest, Airforce Road, Viman Nagar, Pune

Tel: 40027479; 40027480

We provide a regular uniform, P E uniform, winter jackets, shoes and socks.
Students must come in complete uniform on the first day of the school.

Where do we get the TEXT BOOKS and NOTE BOOKS?

We provide a set of required text books sourced from different publishers. This set of books can be purchased in school on the given dates. A set of note books will be provided to your child on the first day of the school. We also provide Ratnajaali books created by our in house team.
Children must carry their own pencil boxes.

Do you provide MEALS or canteen services?

  • All children compulsorily need to eat meals that are provided in school.
  • We provide Breakfast, Lunch and a Snack.

What is the AGE CRITERIA ?

Age of child as on 1st of June

Class Age
Nursery 3 years to 4 years
Junior KG 4 years to 5 years
Senior KG 5 years to 6 years
Std 1 6 years to 7 years
Std 2 7 years to 8 years
Std 3 8 years to 9 years
Std 4 9 years to 10 years
Std 5 10 years to 11 years
Std 6 11 years to 12 years
Std 7 12 years to 13 years
Std 8 13 years to 14 years

What is the Mode of TRANSPORT?

It is compulsory for all children to travel by School Bus.
The present bus routes will not be changed.
Kindly check in advance if any bus route is suitable to you.

What is the system for FEE payments?

Fees have to be paid in two installments for one academic year.
New admissions have to pay a Security Deposit as well as 1st installment fees in order to secure admission.
This has to be paid in DD only.
More details will be provided to you after admissions are confirmed.

Will you allow us to see the school?

On the day of interview you will be taken on a school tour and will be part of a brief orientation program to give you more information on the school and to answer queries.