We Believe

Intentions of Aman Setu My School

Our intentions towards the children:

  • To nurture self-awareness and sensitivity to others.
  • To develop a keen interest in the immediate environment and the society in which we live.
  • To build a sense of identity through this awareness of self, others, our local history and geography. To locate ourselves in space and time and so know our place in the world.
  • To cultivate social responsibility and social commitment.
  • To respect and celebrate oneself.
  • To appreciate cultural diversity as well as diversity of views and stand points.
  • To see the interconnectedness and interdependence of people, plants, animals and the environment on each other.
  • To acknowledge the contribution and talents of the 'other' or others who are different from ourselves.
  • To systematically practice skills that are necessary for learning: sensory perception skills, observation skills, processing of information, analysis, synthesis and application.
  • To stimulate curiosity and the joy of learning.
  • To make all learning deep, wholistic and meaningful.
  • To expose children to a rich variety of pursuits and ensure that each child discovers her own talents /calling and finds a way to cultivate that talent or calling.
  • To open up and set free each child's powers of self expression using the various arts (music, dance, art, music, drama, sculpture , puppetry, storytelling, creative writing etc ).
  • To build the confidence and courage required to take initiative and make a principled and fearless stand.
  • To provide equal opportunities for children with different challenges (physical, intellectual and socio-economic) to learn and fulfill their true potential.
  • To create learning environment free of judgement and prejudice.
  • To facilitate a wide range of rich experiences to ensure that that each child is fully engaged and wholeheartedly participative.
  • Develop an attitude of mindfulness and appreciation for the ordinary, simple, honest, genuine and beautiful.

Intentions towards others (teachers, parents and support staff)

  • To involve parents, teachers and support staff in all activities of the school as stakeholders and representatives of the community.
  • To nurture mindfulness, total awareness, joyfulness, love, peace and respect in teachers and support staff.
  • To sharpen teaching and learning skills of teachers.
  • To build a culture of best effort and accountability.
  • To nurture self confidence, self reliance and self respect.
  • To create awareness among parents of their responsibilities and rights as parents.
  • To ensure literacy and health among all support staff.
  • To build an ecology of respect for all members irrespective of class, caste, language or educational background.
  • To create a healthy work environment.
  • To create a circle of relatedness, interdependency and mutual trust including students, teachers, support staff and parents.

Our intention towards the community

  • To bridge social divides.
  • To nurture responsible citizens.
  • To build a socially diverse ecology where various talents can flourish.
  • Create a thriving, green oasis where hope and peace bloom.
  • To influence the education system by example.

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