Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed by our in house team of educationists and researchers, combined with creative other resources.


In Preschool, WE PLAY!
We follow our own curriculum of learning through experiences and by focusing on skill building rather than abstract content. Everything is taught through stories, songs, games and drama.

Primary School

We promise to give children a childhood! Over these four years we focus on building children’s foundation for learning and on conceptual developements through our skill based learning programs.

We supplement SSC textbooks with other texts, workbooks and manuals designed by our very own In House Curriculum development team.

Secondary School

Secondary School means business! Students transition into more formal learning where the focus is on fine tuning and building upon concepts learnt previously. Students increasingly use Collaborative learning study skills, projects and research work along side classroom learning. This is also when they begin to take formal tests. In Grade 8, 9 and 10 students prepare for the SSC Board Exams.