School Facilities

We believe in engaging the children in all our processes thus inculcating in them a feeling of ownership and greater responsibility. Our school policies are designed and executed through a collaborative effort between the students and teachers.


Hidden between the Sukhoi Fighter jets of the IAF station on one side and the jagged hills of the Western Ghats on the other, Aman Setu stands in the midst of farms on the Lohegaon-Wagholi road to the east of Pune. Drive down the undulating Wagholi-Lohegaon Road with fields stretching on either side till you reach a picturesque little cottage standing out against the wide sky. Our school houses flora and fauna not seen in the city, one cow, two cats, one dog and a host of butterflies. Our classrooms are within easy reach of the garden and children spend a great deal of time outdoors, farming, gardening and just being with nature.


In alignment with our philosophy, we encourage students only above Grade 3 to participate in competitive exams and inter-school competitions like the Olympiad - English, Maths, Science and GK, Spell Bee, Sci-Fests - Model Making and other cultural events.

Remedial Program

While we are a mainstream school, we are empathetic towards children with different learning needs like LD, ADHD etc. To ensure the diversity of each class the ratio of special needs children to mainstream children is 1:10.

School Clubs

We provide students with 5 club options within school hours from which they can choose any one, each year.

Art Club

Training for the Elementary and Intermediate Art Exams

Tabla Club

Training for the State Tabla Exam

Football Club

Training for participation in interschool and state tournaments like ZP, Reliance, PDFA etc.

Basketball Club

Training for basketball games

Keyboard Club

Learning to play the keyboard