Welcome to Aman Setu

We Are A Community Of Learners

At Aman Setu we use innovative learning practices that encourage children to be curious and learn from experiences that foster creativity and empathy.

We dream of a peaceful future for our children. We call our school the Bridge of Peace; a place where all the socially created gaps of varying class, caste, religion and linguistic groups and learning needs are “Bridged in peace”.

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Why We're Different

Curriculum Innovation

We have an in house team of educationists and researchers constantly innovating and improvising on our curriculum.

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We involve parents, teachers, students and staff in all processes, creating a democratic atmosphere of trust and responsibility while valuing relationships between all stakeholders to facilitate a thriving community.

Experiential Learning

We inculcate in our students a deep sense of curiosity and wonder, thus making them lifelong learners, innovators, collaborators and problem solvers. We grow together through experiences.

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“I believe that children deserve a childhood -
Unburdened with heavy books and bags,
Uncluttered with a haze of subjects,
Unshackled from rigid teaching methods and styles,
Unopressed from the stress to perform”

Ruchi A
School Principal and Managing Trustee


We support children from underprivileged backgrounds

We fund complete tuition, stationery, transport, meals and books for underprivileged students. Want to help make a difference in these childrens’ lives?

We accept donations of various kinds! Sign up to volunteer your time, donate books, study resources, furniture, lab equipement etc, or make valuable fund contributions.

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What People Are Saying About Us

At Aman Setu I feel like a free bird. We have a different ways of learning with very little pressure. I like this school because we have freedom.

Adweeka Kadam,
Student, Grade 7

The school is a loving space for children which means that as a teacher one is trained to introspect and be more aware of the needs of children. Therefore being Aman Setu I have become a better student centric teacher who enjoys teaching her students to the fullest.

Priyanthy Aprain,
English and Social Sciences Teacher