Our Intentions

We believe in unlimited human potential which can be explored by creating a nurturing and challenging environment.

Towards Students

  • To nurture self-awareness and sensitivity to others.
  • To build a sense of identity through this awareness of self and to respect and celebrate onself.
  • To see the interconnectedness and interdependence of people, plants, animals and the environment on each other.
  • To create learning environment free of judgement and prejudice.
  • To provide equal opportunities for children with different challenges (physical, intellectual and socio-economic) to learn and fulfill their true potential.
  • To develop an attitude of mindfulness and appreciation for the ordinary, simple, honest, genuine and beautiful.

Towards Community

  • To bridge social divides.
  • To nurture responsible citizens.
  • To build a socially diverse ecology where various talents can flourish.
  • Create a thriving, green oasis where hope and peace bloom.
  • To influence the education system by example.

Towards Others (Teachers, Parents & Staff)

  • To involve parents, teachers and support staff in all activities of the school as stakeholders and representatives of the community.
  • To sharpen teaching and learning skills of teachers.
  • To build a culture of best effort and accountability.
  • To nurture self confidence, self reliance and self respect.
  • To create a circle of relatedness, an ecology of respect, interdependency and mutual trust between students, teachers, support staff and parents.